Save time and money by offering Patients a secure portal
that handles your administrative needs online 24/7.

With OpenEMR Patient Portal, communicating with your Patients has never been easier!

The Patient Portal allows Patients to have access to your office 24/7.  Patients can complete new patient registration forms, make appointments, request prescription refills, make payments and more.  Your Patients will appreciate the online convenience and your staff will appreciate the orderly workflow.  The Patient Portal provides secure electronic communication, reduces Patient time in your office and improves service and satisfaction.  Our custom services help your Patient Portal run smoothly, efficiently and in-sync with your office.  Our staff is here to assist you with training and getting comfortable with the software.

We can assist your Patients with technical related questions regarding the Patient Portal to help them get acclimated.  Our support team can be reached seven days per week.


Health Tech is working with ViSolve to offer Patient Portal

Feel the power of OpenEMR with Patient Portal
Video Consultation

Patients get to book appointments for video consultation enabling the Healthcare provider to consult on the go. Makes remote consultation possible irrespective of restricted mobility or geographic distance.

Google Calendar

Patient appointments can be integrated with Google calendar so that the patients get automated reminders reducing redundancy in work flow.

Interoperability (FHIR)

ViSolve's enhanced interoperability solutions allow users to securely and rapidly aggregate patient data from all sources seamlessly and share it between disparate systems for more coordinated & efficient care.

Video Consultation
Expedite patient collaboration with healthcare providers through real-time video communications. Patient Portal takes advantage of HIPAA enabled Zoom US software to deliver better patient-provider collaboration. Let the patients get treated virtually from anywhere at your convenience. Save your meetings for later reviews.
Prescription Refills
Enables the patients to request for a prescription refill from pharmacy by merely a few clicks from the mobile device, thereby making the process smooth and uncomplicated.
Manage Appointments
Patient Portal integrates with the EHR at the provider's office reducing the number of no-shows and avoiding duplicate patient appointments by sending out automated reminders to the patients prior to appointment.
Secure Messaging
Send and receive messages from Patient Portal between the patient and provider that are super-safe and secure. Patients can communicate any health related information which gets to be handled with discretion.
Speak with a representative about getting started with Patient Portal!
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  • OpenEMR Upgrades
  • Localhost Setup
  • Worldwide Service Provider
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Custom Forms
  • Website Development
  • Remote Training
  • SSL Implementation
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Data Back-Up Services
  • E-Prescribing
  • Lab Integration
  • Converting PDFs To OpenEMR Encounter Forms
  • Integrating E-Signature
  • Online Self Patient Scheduling
  • Online Self Registration Forms
  • Text Notification

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