OpenEMR Consulting Services
Stop Guessing.
One size does NOT fit all and we understand that. That is why we work with you and customize OpenEMR to meet your specific needs.
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If you are not sure how to effectively make the Paper to EMR transition and get the most out of OpenEMR, or need assistance with planning and executing an effective OpenEMR infrastructure, our Consultants can work with your organization to help guide you through.

Top 5 Questions From Providers Looking Into OpenEMR

1. Is OpenEMR a good fit for my organization?

2. How can I incorporate more of my work-flow into OpenEMR?

3. What is the right OpenEMR set-up for my organization?

4. Should we go cloud or on-premise set-up?

5. Is OpenEMR a good solution for my organization that has several locations?