Discover the power of AI Billing
Our AI-driven system identifies and corrects billing errors, ensuring you receive every dollar you deserve.
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At HealthTech, we understand the challenges healthcare providers face when it comes to billing and revenue management. That's why we've partnered with HTPI, cutting-edge AI and machine learning experts, to create an automated billing solution that simplifies your practice's financial operations.
How Can You Benefit From Automated Billing?

Time: Spend more time on patient care with our hands-off solution. You determine your billing schedule and AI Billing sends claims directly to your clearing house.

Enhanced Security: Your patient data stays yours! Our AI Billing solution runs along side your EMR, so we do not access any of your data in the process. We run a secure connection to your clearinghouse.

Billing: Customized to meet the specific requirements of your practice, guaranteeing accuracy and reduced rejections from insurance companies.

Posting: AI Billing pulls your EOB's from the insurance companies and posts payments to their respective patient records. Saving your staff time and eliminating data entry errors.