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Why RCM ?

(revenue cycle management)

Claims Scrubbing

Automatically validate a claim and check for accuracy at ease. Every claim is cross-checked for patient & policy identification and verified by payer-specific rules. The cleaner the claim, the higher the reimbursement.


No more uploading claims & downloading remittances. Save time with our integrated clearinghouse for flawless, all-in-one data exchange, hassle-free.

ERA Processing

Save time with automated ERA receiving & posting. Use auto-generated work-lists to manage denials & unexpected payment amounts.

Analytics & Reporting

Medical billing provides timely, meaningful financial analytics and customized reports that help to maximize financial performance & tighten the revenue cycle.

Insurance Eligibility

Copays, coverage & deductible are auto-verified prior to each visit. On-demand verification tools let you do on-the-spot checks.


Analytics & Reporting
Medical Billing software provides user with timely, meaningful and actionable financial analytics & customized reports such as claim reports, copay details, Monthly / Weekly Reports etc., making healthcare management more convenient, productive and intuitive.
ERA Processing
The right billing service augmented with right technology saves you time and money. Enjoy the benefits of automated ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) receiving & posting, and auto-generated worklists to manage denials, rejection or errors, that help you positively impact both your business and patients.
Claim Management
Claim Management is an integrated platform that helps you manage the entire claims process in one location, from cost assessment to final reimbursement, without hassles. Process and manage each claim with a single centralized platform.
Easier reporting improves productivity.View at-a-glance updates of your practice's financial status with the ViSolve Billling dashboard. Filter data by payments, claims, date range & payments and claims that needed action.ViSolve Medical Billing's Financial dashboard provides gain a 360-degree view of your practice’s financial health.
ViSolve's Financial dashboard provides details about submitted,paid and pending amount in a graphical report and lists payments which needed action.
Once all diagnoses and medical procedures have been made the bill is sent out to the insurance company, or payer.ViSolve's Financial dashboard provides reports on claim details in graphical form
ViSolve Medical Billing provides a easy way to add and edit patient.
Create Patient
ViSolve Medical Billing has a easy way to add patient details which makes the medical billing to work standalone without depending on EHR.
Update Patient
Patient details can be edited in ViSolve Medical Billing.
Efficient claim management is vital to the success of both large and small companies working within the insurance industry. Major components of the claims handling process include developing strategies to cut costs and reduce fraud while keeping customers satisfied.
Submit Claims
ViSolve Medical Billing encourages healthcare providers to submit claims and receive payments electronically in order to reduce administrative costs and improve cash flow.
Generate X12
The patient details along with claim ID, encounter details and billing amount are sent to Clearing House or insurance company and remitance details are returned after various validation.
Generate HCFA 1500 PDF
HCFA 1500 contains Patient demographics, diagnostic codes, CPT/HCPCS codes, diagnosis codes, units. The official standard form used by physicians and other providers when submitting bills/claims for reimbursement.
ViSolve offer comprehensive medical billing services and hence, you can be assured of our expertise in delivering not just payment posting services, but the critical steps that pre-empt payment posting and follow that as well.
Payments include direct patient payment and Insurance payment.
ERA Posting
Electronic remittance advice helps you save time by automatically posting insurance payments based on electronic reports delivered to your practice.
ViSolve Medical Billing provides you with timely, meaningful financial analytics & customized medical billing reports that help you maximize financial performance. Reports include claim status and claim progress,patient outstanding paymnets and payment/collection Reports.
Claims Status Report
The Claims Status Report gives a detailed account of all communications with the payer or insurance company.

Patient Payment Outstanding
Outstanding payment could refer to a payment already made but not credited as paid for some reason.
Claim Progress Report
ViSolve's billing provides detailed report on Claim Progress which involves claim details, clearing house response and more.
Payment/Collection Report
Payment report provides a detailed report on payments collected. It includes details such as payment date, payer, payment method and amount.
Administrator reduces the posiblity of claim rejection by cross-checking the claims even before the claims are forwarded to the payer or insurance company.ViSolve Medical Billing provides two types of validation such as basic and extended validation.
Basic Validation
Payments include direct patient payment and Insurance payment.
Extended Validation
Extended validation is an advanced validation which includes complex variables and variation that validates the claims on high-level which reduces the claim rejection rates.
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