HealthClinics FAQ

1. What is is a website that utilizes HealthLincs Software to provide online scheduling services.

2. How does work? provides appointment scheduling software for the healthcare industry. It allows Patients to manage their appointments online with their Healthcare Provider in a secure environment.

Healthcare Providers can control their schedule, so Patients can only book the times you show as available. Automatic text & email notifications are sent to confirm and remind Patients of their appointment.

Patients can also add themselves to a waiting list on premise and will be notified via text message when a time slot opens up.

3. How much is the text messaging service per month?

Text notification is included in your plan for FREE based on our fair-use policy.

4. Can I get a discount?

Yes, of course! If you pay for one year upfront you will receive 20% off.
DOCTORS Plan - $470.40 per year
CLINICS/PRACTICE Plan - $950.40 per year

5. What is a Clinic?

We use the word ‘Clinic’ as a broad term to cover all healthcare establishment from Health Clinics, Urgent Cares, Private Practice, Rehabilitation Centers, Dental Practices, Blood Banks & more.

6. How is different from other appointment scheduling websites?

Healthcare is our specialty, so we have curated to be extremely efficient in the healthcare environment. Admin can manage the schedule of their Clinic as well as each individual Provider belonging to that same Clinic.

Patients can schedule appointments directly with the Clinic or have access to Provider profiles and select their Provider of choice, based upon their need and current availability.

7. Do I have to sign a contract to use

Absolutely not, we offer month-to-month plans. is a Hassle Free, Contract Free & Installation Free, Smart Scheduling Software.

8. Where do Patients go to make an appointment?

Patients can make an appointment through:
- the traditional way over the phone with your office
- directly on
- your website through a secure booking banner

You can also share your profile link through your social media. Appointments can be made from any computer or mobile device.

9. Do I have to sign up with a Patient Scheduling plan to use e-Prescribe?

No you do not, e-Prescribe works with Patient Scheduling or as a stand along product.

10. Is technical support available?

Yes, technical support is available 24/7 via help desk and live support is available during normal business hours.



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