Persona Trust ID Proofing Process


ID Proofing with Persona Trust

The ID Proofing process is required for all providers who will be transmitting eprescriptions from within MDScripts to outside pharmacies. The process requires a web meeting with a certified authenticator who will verify the provider's identity using a web conference that requires a video chat. The provider will need to provide the following information during the video conference:


 - Need device with camera
 - 2 Forms of ID (DL / Voter Card / SS / Passport)
 - DEA # (if EPCS)
 - NPI License

Request an Appointment

After logging in to MDScripts select Home -> My Settings. There you will find a link to or you can click on the link here.

Once on the Persona Trust website you will select "Appointment Booking"


Next, select Book Now


Choose MDSCRIPTS Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing.

Select a Date where you will be available for the conference call


Next select a time when you will be available

Finally complete the registration form with your information so the reviewer can confirm the appointment and send you the required list of documents you will need.

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