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It's Christmas In August!

The long awaited update to the 5-series release of OpenEMR is finally out and boy was it worth the wait.  It is packed with new features and improvements destined to be the cat's meow of opensource EMR's.

New Features are:

  • 2014 ONC Complete Certified EHR
  • Numerous User Interface Improvements that Include Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design
  • Numerous Security Improvements
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Support (Support for TOTP and U2F)
  • Robust Encryption Support
  • Brute Force Login Prevention
  • Access Control Improvements
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Improvements
  • Optimization of Security for Sessions and Cookies
  • Docker Deployment that Supports Best Security Practices
  • New REST API
  • New Support for Online Payment Universal Gateway (Authorize.Net 4 and Stripe Supported)
  • New Support for Insurance Eligibility Checking
  • New Support for SNOMED Release Format 2 (RF2)
  • New Support for Unique UUID to Identify Application
  • New Howto Documentation and Tooltips
  • External Module Support Improvements
  • Patient Portal Improvements
  • Patient Flow Board and Recall Board Improvements
  • Patient Lookup and Searching Improvements
  • Calendar Module Improvements
  • CCDA Module Improvements
  • Eye Form Module Improvements
  • CAMOS Form Improvements
  • Online Drug Lookup Improvements
  • Online Drug Interactions Lookup Improvements
  • Billing Module Improvements
  • Collections Report Improvements
  • Patient Documents Module Improvements
  • CouchDB Support Improvements
  • Lab Module Improvements
  • Messaging Module Improvement
  • MedEx Module Improvements
  • List Editor Module Improvements
  • Log Module Improvements
  • Prescription Module Improvements
  • WENO eRx Improvements
  • NewCrop eRx Improvements
  • Backup Module Improvements
  • Birthday Alert Improvements
  • ICD10 Code Set Updated
  • SNOMED RF2 Support
  • Supported in 34 Languages
  • Internationalization Improvements
  • Numerous Bug Fixes
  • Numerous Fixes to Ensure Compatible with Most Recent Version of PHP
  • Fixes to Ensure Compatible with Most Recent Version of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Speed and Performance Optimizations
  • Modernization of Codebase
  • Complete InnoDB Database Support

Download OpenEMR 5.0.2 here.

Cloud Scheduling

• Free eMail & Text Notification
• Multi-Doctor Scheduling
• Free Directory Profile

Patient Engagement

• eMail Marketing
• Response Analytics (Reporting)
• Mobile & Desktop Ready

Patient Surveys

• Your Questions, Our Technology
• Response Analytics (Reporting)
• CSV, PDF & XML Export of Results

Provider / Patient Relationships are the Lifeline Of Your Practice
Allow Patients To:

- Book & Cancel Appointments 24/7
- Access a User-friendly Patient Dashboard
- Send Direct Messages to your Facility
- Provide Feedback about Treatment & Services
- Receive Monthly Updates
- Select Appointments from Available Providers


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Benefits of Posting With HealthClinics:
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☑ Post your office hours & address, we provide directions to your front door!
☑ Provide info about your Practice like accepted insurances & more
☑ Create a Bio page for each Provider and categorize them by specialty
☑ Create a separate online schedule for each Provider in your facility

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